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Where structural consulting meets human needs.

Our mission is to elevate structural engineering to its greatest potential for meeting human needs.

Long-term Relationships: Our work is built solely on referrals and repeat clients.

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Big-picture Service.

Behind every engineering problem are human needs. We pursue awareness of these human needs, business needs, and project goals.

Experience and Efficiency.

“Value” is key: always exploring ways to provide greater benefit to our clients for the same cost.

Passion for Invention.

Not just in construction technology… Not just in engineering practice… But also a totally unique business approach.

Our Work

We design all types of structures for a lot of great clients. Our engineers have various focuses: new construction, remodels, repairs, rehabilitation, historic preservation. We focus on the Front Range and work across many of the western states.

This experience allows us to provide valuable project insight in the initial planning stages, comprehensive structural plans, critical construction assistance, and reliable consulting to guide our clients through all types of structural issues.

Our History

We were initially encouraged to start a new firm by several clients, architects and contractors, who were building high-quality, highly-custom designs and valued our make-anything-work attitude, our attention to details that were being overlooked by other engineers, and our willingness to assist with practical aspects of planning that stretched the boundaries of structural engineering.

Soon afterwards we entered the recession of 2008. As a team grew around our totally unique “100% performance pay” structure, we began to pursue “value-focused” engineering, eliminating aspects of traditional engineering that provided no end benefit to our clients. We developed a reputation for highly efficient, responsive service.

As our client base grew throughout the front range corridor, our engineers have expanded our services across the western U.S. and developed other specialties that enrich our services, such as historic preservation and materials, traditional timber, container construction, specialty structures, high wind-seismic, alpine buildings, investigations, repairs, and peer reviews.

May God receive the glory for His providence through all this!

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